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Join us for a unique and memorable experience with the elite Company in our black box venue.  elite’s theatre productions are up close and personal, geared for an intimate setting of 34 seats, where our audience feels they are a part of the story!  Enjoy an amazing show, a dessert reception during intermission, and storytelling at its finest.  

Welcome to elite Dance & Theatre!

Beast Poster 2_square.jpg
Beauty & the Beast

December 7th-17th, 2023

A throne abandoned

The rightful heir subdued

A usurper’s iron fist controls the kingdom

Until a girl picks a flower

And everything changes

In true elite fashion,

the tale of Beauty & the Beast

is unique, hauntingly beautiful,

and thought provoking. 

This show is not for young children. 

10yrs and older only.

Tickets go on sale November 7th

Pride & Prejudice

April 7th-21st, 2024

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single

man in possession of a good fortune must be

in want of a wife.

Join us for the premiere of elite's newest adaptation!

Tickets go on sale March 7th

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