Peter Pan

Second star to the right, then straight on ‘till morning....

Mermaids that sing, Stars that dance, Natives on the hunt, a Crocodile that ticks, and Pirates lurking in the shadows.  Join Peter, Wendy, Tinkerbell and the Lost Boys as they embark on a  great adventure to Neverland.

November 18th-27th at elite studios.

Tickets ($25) go on sale November 8th


Peter Pan
Cinderella 2022 Promo 1.jpeg

March 31st-April 9th

A not so perfect love story about a girl in love with a Prince, and a Prince that is in love with himself. 


The King has decided his son must marry to fund his "royal" lifestyle, and creates a TV reality show in which the Prince has one week to pick a bride from eligible contestants, which include Cinderella's step-sisters. A Fairy Godfather appears to help Cinderella get to the palace and works behind the scenes to make sure that the Prince sees Cinderella for who she really is, while also helping him to figure out what it means to really love.