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Aerial Classes for Kids

AERIAL elite provides top tier training both in curriculum, instructors, equipment and in safety.

Aerial classes include work with Silks (fabrics) and Lyra (hoop), along with strength and flexibilty training. Aerial classes are highly disciplined and structured due to the element of risk.  Our curriculum is extensive and in-depth to guarantee success, saftety, and professioanl training.

Our Kids & JR classes are geared towards developing foundational elements for Aerial in ways that are age appropriate.  We are training young students through activities and excercises that develop strength and flexibility, along with body awareness as relates to: space, balance, and apparatus.  Elements of dance are incorporated for: grace, transitions, and creating shapes on the apparatus.  We are mindful that Aerial is a new and developing genre.  Body awareness, strength, flexibility and discipline have to be cultivated first.  When it comes to young bodies that are still growing, we must proceed safely, slowly and cautiously to ensure positive outcomes for extended and future training.


elite's Aerial classes have a low teacher to student ratio, and strict safety protocols in place, such as checking equipment before each class and routine rigging inspections.  elite Aerial Instructors are professionally training in each apparatus that they are teaching and have mandatory weekly training with elite's Aerial Director.

We have Open Houses each semester for students to have a safe performance experience.

Aerial takes incredible strength and discipline, but is also very rewarding, exciting and  in high demand for professional performers.

aerial classes for kids
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