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2024 Class Pricing 

Pricing for Dance & Aerial Classes 

  • 1 Class each week (4 total classes in a Session): $53 per month

Pricing for Swing Classes

  • 1 Class each week (4 total classes in a Session): $40 per month

Pricing for elite Company & JR Company

  • Full Class Schedule $158 per month

Class Make Up Policy: 

We offer two weeks of make up classes at the end of each semester.  

Semester One: June 3rd-15th, 2024

Semester Two: November 11th-23rd, 2024. 

Students will RSVP with the studio Office for their make up classes.

Show Months:

Show months are April and September.  Show months will have a modified class schedule in order to prepare for shows.  Tuition costs and the amount of instruction hours will remain the same, but will be a condensed schedule. Aerial classes will have their Aerial Intensives during show months as well.

Cancellation Policy for Tuition Subscriptions:

It is the customer's responsibility to cancel their Tuiton Subscription (recurring monthly payments) by logging onto their account from the elite website home page.  Customers should notify the elite office of their cancellation through the Contact Us at the bottom of any page on the website.


Show/Registration fees: 

  • Youth Show (Kids & JR): $65 due in January for Semester One Show

  • Youth Show (Kids & JR): $65 due in June Semester Two Show

  • Aerial Cirque Show: $45 due in March for the Aerial Cirque show  

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