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Ballet Classes for Kids 

Toddler and Preschool classes introduce dance with basic ballet, creative movement, musicality, and rhythm. Our curriculum is age appropriate, which will give students structure, while still being playful. 

*Note: a parent is welcome to participate with their child in the Toddler class if needed.

Kids Ballet and JR Ballet classes are based on the traditional Russian style and are mindful of technique and mechanics.  Our classes are designed for the success of all students, and are welcoming of all body types and skill levels.  Our curriculum is in depth and thorough, including the learning of ballet vocabulary.  elite Ballet students have opportunities for performance with elite Kids Showcases.

Ballet is considered the most classic form of dance and the foundation for other genres, including Jazz, Lyrical, and Modern.  Ballet provides a strong technical base for contemporary dance and aerial.  We highly recommend Ballet for all dancers as their technical foundation for all other forms of dance or aerial. 

Ballet students have the opportunity to perform in the elite Kids/JR Shows every year in May.

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