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Jazz & Tap Classes

Jazz Classes: 

elite Jazz Classes include solid technical training, that focus on mechanics, skills and choreography.  elite's style of Jazz is Contemporary (not Modern), in that our approach is to use the largest pallet of movement, music and style which continually evolves with the personality of the instructor, the students, and music.  

Tap Classes:

elite Tap Classes focus on percussive footwork, precise rhythmic patterns,  as well as improvisational skills.  elite's style of Tap is "hoofing" which is less Broadway and more ryhthmic in nature. Our curriculum develops a strong technical foundation along with great improvisational skills.  Tap is an excellent place for a beginning adult dancer to start!


elite's Jazz Program, which includes Jazz, Tap and Swing focus on strong technique and discipline, while allowing students to be expressive.  We recommend that students take Jazz, Tap and Swing to train the full spectrum of movement, both historical and current, for skills, technique, musicality, rhythm, partnering, and versatility.

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