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Aerial elite Program Information 2024


Introduction to Aerial  (Beginning Classes)

  • Kids Aerial (7-9yrs)

  • JR Aerial (10-13yrs)

  • Beginning Aerial (13yrs and up)


Progressive Classes  (Professional Track)

  • Aerial Intermediate: 13yrs and up (1) Curriculum class, (1) FOCUS class, (1) Ballet class recommended

  • Aerial Advanced: 14yrs and up (1) Curriculum class, (1) FOCUS class, (1) Ballet class recommended

  • AirCO: by invitation for 18yrs and up (1) Curriculum class, (1) Open Gym, (1) Assigned Assistant Class, (1) FOCUS class, (1) Ballet Or Jazz class required


Dress Code:  Leggings and Leotard (leotard sleeves must cover armpits, NO zippers, NO Jewelry)


Aerial Privates are offered for the following:​

  • For students that are beginning mid season or need extra work to catch up in their level.

  • Mandatory set of Privates required with Aerial Director before moving to another level.

  • Recommended Private before returning to class after an injury (if out more than two weeks).

Safety Protocols

Equipment Checks:  

  • Instructors and students perform a visual safety check on all equipment that they are using at the beginning of each class.  Visual inspection of “points” (cross arms, rigging),  and apparatus (spanners, carabiners, spin sets, fabrics, hoops, matts).  We keep a daily log of our inspections.

  • If any part of the rigging, equipment or apparatus is questionable, that particular “point” and apparatus is closed until a safety inspection can be made by our safety director.

  • Our safety director performs routine inspections on all rigging and points.

  • We “retire” any apparatus or rigging that has been used or worn to the point of no longer meeting safety specifications.

  • Any changes to a “point” or rigging must be checked and cleared by our safety director.

  • Aerial performances: performers, program directors and the safety director make safety checks before each show and for any point/apparatus change during a show.

Dress Code: For safety purposes, students must be in dress code in order to participate in class.

Injury Protocol for Students

  • Aerial instructors will only allow apparatus work for students that are completely free from injury or chronic pain, and are able to fully work out using their entire body. 

  • If a student verbalizes chronic pain or injury before, during or after class, the instructor is required to  “ground” the student (take the student off apparatus) immediately.

  • Instructor will notify the office manager that the student has been “grounded” due to chronic pain or injury and will give a quick description of what happened (if they can), that will be communicated to the parent by email.  It will be up to the parent to notify the studio by email as to when the student is released to work full out in class again.

  • Students are encouraged to continue to take class, where they can focus on ground strength and flexibility exercises, and continue to observe new material and take notes. 

  • If the injury or chronic pain lasts more than two weeks, reintegration might require Privates or work in a lower level class to regain strength.  Privates will be required if a student needs to catch up with the curriculum.

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