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The Scarlet Letter

story by Cheri Costales


Scene One - Parkstreet Church

Scene Two - The Scandal

Scene Three - Shame

Scene Four - The Interview

Scene Five - Whispers In the Loft

Scene Six - What's Best

Scene Seven - A Mother's Right

Scene Eight - Night Watch

Scene Nine - The Faithful Friend


shows to see in Albuquerque
Shows to see in Albuquerque



Scene One - The Husband

Scene Two - The Deacon

Scene Three - Pearl

Scene Four - The Storm

Scene Five - The Pastor

Scene Six - Foiled

Scene Seven - Confessions

Scene Eight - The Fiend

Scene Nine - A Future and a Hope


Tianna Cooney as Hester Prynne

Alex Harden as Arthur Dimsdale

Tim Nguyen as Roger Chillingworth

Arie Garcia, Gabby Leung and Catie Zubiate as Pearl

Paul Costales as Reverend Wilson

Joel Clinger as Deacon Smith

Savannah Harden as Constance

Kaylee Estrada as Edith Green

Melee Hardy as Daphne

Caitlyn Richey as Maggie Mae

Gwen Pozun as Ruth

Chris Ober as Joseph

Ben Costales as Oliver

Dexter Cooney as Jordan

Austin Holmes as John

Eli Cordova as Gus

Parkstreet Church Band: Dexter Cooney, Ben Costales, Austin Holmes, Luke Sowers

shows to see in Albuquerque

the elite Company

McKenna Beck, Kadynce Brett, Kylie Brett, Tianna Cooney, Eli Cordova, Ben Costales, Paul Costales, Joel Clinger, Alex Harden, Savannah Harden, Melee Hardy, Rita-Marie Holmes, Austin Holmes, Mia Maldonado, Sarah Massey, JD Nichols, Tim Nguyen, Shaelyn Pozun, Millie Rayford, Caroline Rayford, Carissa Richey, Caitlyn Richey, Makylah Sefzik, Catie Zubiate, Gabriel Zubiate


Director: Cheri Costales

Director's Assistant: Tina Mesa

Lights: Matt Ramsey

Sound: Cathy Costales

Crew: Michelle Ramsey, Robyn Hardy

Reception and Lobby: Lillian Garcia

Costumes: Cheri Costales, Linda Downum

Choreography: Cheri Costales, Ben Costales, Tianna Cooney, Rita-Marie Holmes, Alyssa Griego

Dramatic Coaching: Alex Harden, Cheri Costales

Music Director: Alex Harden

Photography/Videography: Tim Nguyen, Ben Costales, Austin Holmes, Cheri Costales

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