The Jungle Book

story adapatation by Cheri Costales


Scene One - The Little Cub

Scene Two - The Wolf Pack

Scene Three - Shere Khan & the Jackals

Scene Four - Baloo & Bagheera

Scene Five - The Master Words

Scene Six - Enemies

Scene Seven - Monkey Business

Scene Eight - More Monkey Business

Scene Nine - Kidnapped

Scene Ten - The Hunt

Scene Eleven - The Trail

Scene Twelve - KAA

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Scene One - Whispers

Scene Two - Chakma

Scene Three - Goodbyes

Scene Four - The City

Scene Five - Mowgli of the City

Scene Six - Full Moons

Scene Seven - Where the City and the Jungle Meet

Scene Eight - The Challenge

Scene Nine - A Very Good End to Our Tail

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Micah Weeks as Mowgli

Caitlyn Richey as Seeonee

Alex Harden as Akeela

McKenna Beck as Bagheera

Paul Costales as Baloo

Tim Nguyen as Shere Khan

Ben Costales as Chakma

Gabriel Zubiate as Tabaqui

JD Nichols as Tabaqo

Tianna Cooney as Chil

Chris Ober as KAA

Joel Clinger as the Monkey Chief

Millie Rayford as the Monkey Chief

Savannah Harden as the Shopkeeper

Mia Maldonado as the City Girl

Kylie Brett, Sarah Massey, Melee Hardy and Ava Sowers as the Wolf Pack

Carissa Richey, Millie Rayford, Ava Sowers, Chris Ober as City Folk

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Director: Cheri Costales

Director's Assistant: Tina Mesa

Lights: Matt Ramsey

Sound: Cathy Costales, Dexter Cooney

Crew: Michelle Ramsey, Robyn Hardy, Mary Zubiate

Reception and Lobby: Lillian Garcia

Costumes: Cheri Costales, Linda Downum

Choreography: Cheri Costales, Ben Costales, Aly Costales, Rita-Marie Holmes, Tim Nguyen

Dance Coaching: Cheri Costales, Ben Costales,Tianna Cooney, Rita-Marie Holmes, Tim Nguyen

Dramatic Coaching: Alex Harden, Cheri Costales

Photography/Videography: Tim Nguyen, Ben Costales, Austin Holmes, Cheri Costales

the elite Company

Jastin Armijo-Premble, McKenna Beck, Kadynce Brett, Kylie Brett, Tianna Cooney, Ben Costales, Paul Costales, Joel Clinger, Alex Harden, Savannah Harden, Melee Hardy, Rita-Marie Holmes, Austin Holmes, Mia Maldonado, Sarah Massey, JD Nichols, Tim Nguyen, Shaelyn Pozun, Millie Rayford, Carissa Richey, Caitlyn Richey, Ava Sowers, Catie Zubiate, Gabriel Zubiate

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