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Pride​ & Prejudice

story by Jane Austen

adaptation by Cheri Costales



Scene One - The Bennet Family

Scene Two - Mr. Bingley and Company

Scene Three - First Impressions

Scene Four - For Love of Her Sister

Scene Five - Netherfield Park

Scene Six - Our Cousin, Mr. Collins

Scene Seven - Mr. Wickham Tells a Story

Scene Eight - Netherfield Ball

Scene Nine - A Most Disagreeable Proposal



Scene One - What Happened Next

Scene Two - Rosings Park

Scene Three - Another Disagreeable Proposal

Scene Four - Lizzy Is Very Uncomfortable

Scene Five - An Unexpected Detour

Scene Six - Friends

Scene Seven - Disaster

Scene Eight - Back at Longbourn

Scene Nine - The Wickhams

Scene Ten - The Return of Mr. Bingley

Scene Eleven - A Most Agreeable Proposal


McKenna Beck as Elizabeth Bennet

Tim Nguyen as Mr. Darcy

Jose Rivera as Mr. Bingley

Caitlyn Richey as Jane Bennet

RoseAnne Vau as Mrs. Bennet

Iain Munro as Mr. Bennet

JD Nichols as Mr. Collins

Carissa Richey as Charlotte Collins

Ben Costales as Mr. Wickham

Mia Maldonado as Georgianna Darcy

Dexter Cooney as Colonel Fitzwilliam

Makylah Sefzek as Lydia Bennet

Catie Zubiate as Kitty Bennet

Sarah Massey as Mary Bennet

Kylie Brett as Miss Bingley

Wendy S. as Mrs. Hurst

Gwen Pozun as Lady Catherine De Bourgh

Tianna Cooney as Miss Anne De Bourgh

Paul Costales as Sir William Lucas

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P&P 4-6-24-79.jpg

the elite Company

McKenna Beck, Kadynce Brett, Kylie Brett, Tianna Cooney, Dexter Cooney, Ben Costales, Paul Costales, Rita-Marie Holmes, Mia Maldonado, Sarah Massey, JD Nichols, Tim Nguyen, Gwen Pozun, Shaelyn Pozun, Carissa Richey, Caitlyn Richey, Makylah Sefzik, Wendy S, Lincoln Toone, Keegan Toone, Sarah Van Gilst, Catie Zubiate, Gabriel Zubiate


Director: Cheri Costales

Director's Assistant: Tina Mesa

Lights: Matt Ramsey

Sound: Cathy Costales

Crew: Lillian Garcia, Mariano Garcia, Tina Mesa, Michelle Ramsey, Lincoln Toone, Keegan Toone, Shannon Toone

Reception and Lobby: Lillian Garcia

Costumes: Cheri Costales, Linda Downum

Choreography: Cheri Costales,Tianna Cooney, Ben Costales

Dramatic Coaching: Cheri Costales, Tim Nguyen

Vocal Coaching: Gwen Pozun

Photography: Tim Nguyen, Ben Costales (NuCo Photography)

Vidoeography: Tim Nguyen, Ben Costales, Cheri Costales

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