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Days of the Dead

story by Cheri Costales


Scene One - The Star

Scene Two - The Prophecy

Scene Three - The Sages

Scene Four - The Magi

Scene Five - Xochi

Scene Six - Discovery

Scene Seven - The Siren Call

Scene Eight - The Girl and the Warrior

Scene Nine - Gaspar's Plan

Scene Ten - Allies

Scene Eleven - Escaped

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Queen 1_edited.jpg



Scene One - To the Journey

Scene Two - The Victors

Scene Three - The Calm

Scene Four - The Storm

Scene Five - Pursuit

Scene Six - Gaspar's Gift

Scene Seven - Baltasar's Gift

Scene Eight - Melchor's Gift

Scene Nine - The Ancient of Days


Millie Rayford as the Queen of the Dead

Iain Munro as Gaspar

Amber Krehoff as Melchor

Tim Nguyen as Baltasar

Melee Hardy as Xochi

Gabriel Zubiate as Axel

Ben Costales as Cai

JD Nichols as Tenoch

Savannah Harden as the Sage


Joel Clinger as Kinich

Austin Holmes as Nacon

Tianna Cooney as the Siren

Savannah Harden, Sarah Massey, Caitlyn Richey, Carissa Richey as Witches

Aerialists: Kadynce Brett, Kylie Brett, Tianna Cooney, Melee Hardy, Sarah Massey, Gabriel Zubiate, Catie Zubiate

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the elite Company

McKenna Beck, Kadynce Brett, Kylie Brett, Tianna Cooney, Ben Costales, Paul Costales, Joel Clinger, Alex Harden, Savannah Harden, Melee Hardy, Rita-Marie Holmes, Austin Holmes, Mia Maldonado, Sarah Massey, JD Nichols, Tim Nguyen, Shaelyn Pozun, Millie Rayford, Caroline Rayford, Carissa Richey, Caitlyn Richey, Makylah Sefzik, Catie Zubiate, Gabriel Zubiate