Peter Pan 2021.jpeg

Peter Pan

original story by J.M. Barrie

adaptation by Cheri Costales


Scene One - The Darling Family

Scene Two - Tidying Up Drawers

Scene Three - Peter and His Shadow

Scene Four - Tinkerbell

Scene Five - Second Star to the Right

Scene Six - Neverland

Scene Seven - Captain Hook and the Pirates

Scene Eight - Bedtime Stories


Scene Nine - The Neverbird

Scene Ten - The Mermaids

Scene Eleven - Peter to the Rescue

Scene Twelve - The Game Is up

Scene Thirteen - Captured

Scene Fourteen - Poison!

Scene Fifteen - Pirates Defeated and Hook Meets His Fate

Scene Sixteen - The Window is Always Open

Scene Seventeen - Everybody Needs a Mother



Gabriel Zubiate as Peter Pan

Alex Harden as the Narrator

Ava Sowers as Wendy

Paul Costales as Captain Hook, Mr. Darling

Rita-Marie Holmes as Tinkerbell

Joel Poore as John

Julia Poore as Michael

McKenna Beck as Nana

Cheri Costales as Mrs. Darling

Tianna Cooney as Tiger Lily

Sarah Massey as Tootles

Millie Rayford as Nibs

Kadynce Brett as Slightly

Catie Zubiate as Nettles

Ashlee Aragon-Gaeta and Mia Maldonado as the Twins

Caitlyn Richey as Smee

Carissa Richey as Starkey

Alex Sterling as Flint

Joel Clinger as Jukes

Savannah Harden as The Neverbird

Marissa Gonzales and Melee Hardy as The Crocodile

Kylie Brett as Peter's Shadow

McKenna Beck as The Mermaid Soloist

Alex Sterling as the Moon

McKenna Beck, Kylie Brett and Tianna Cooney as Stars


Director: Cheri Costales

Director's Assistant: Tina Mesa

Lights: Ben Costales

Sound: Matt Ramsey

Stage Management: Cathy Costales

Backstage Crew: Michelle Ramsey, Robyn Hardy, Eileen Gonzales, Erin Fraser, Mariano Garcia

Reception and Lobby: Lillian Garcia

Costumes: Cheri Costales, Linda Downum

Choreography: Cheri Costales, Tianna Cooney, Rita-Marie Holmes, Alex Sterling, Mckenna Beck, Esther Michnovicz, Aly Costales

Dance Coaching: Cheri Costales, Tianna Cooney, Robyn Hardy, Rita-Marie Holmes

Aerial Coaching: Tianna Cooney, Alex Sterling, Mckenna Beck

Dramatic Coaching: Alex Harden, Cara Sowers, Cheri Costales

Vocal Coaching: Alex Harden, Steve Corona

Stage Work: Matt Ramsey, Paul Costales

Photography: Tim Nguyen

Videography: Tim Nguyen, Austin Holmes


Special thanks to: Nuwin Photography, Two Brunos Photography, Matt Ramsey and Paul Costales