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Coming as a feature film in May 2021!

John McFarlane has been arrested for the murder of Jonas Oldacre, owner of the Norwood Theatre and has sought the help of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson to prove his innocence.  Mr. Mallard’s Magical Menagerie is about to premiere on stage with murder, mystery and intrigue lurking in the wings.  


The Game Is Afoot!

Premiering as a feature film for Fall 2021

Abandoned, alone and desperate, Jane finds friendship and love in the most unlikely places.

The Scarlet Letter

Coming as a feature film for Spring 2222

It's 1940 and there is scandal at Park Street Church.  Hester Prynne is pregnant but she will not reveal who the father is.  Reverend Dimsdale refuses to force the young woman to reveal her secret.  The church is in upheaval, the reverend becomes ill, and the mysterious appearance of a new doctor in town creates even more problems.

Feature film available to watch now


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